Ehlers-Danlos Awareness Month

As you can see by this adorable little zebra pic, May is, indeed, EDS Awareness Month. That means different things for different people. For some, it EDSmonthmeans about a million posts on all forms of social media until people remove said posters from their feeds just to escape it. For others, it means a single post;a digital nod to the syndrome that plays a pretty big role in the life of zebras.

My hope is to strike a balance between the extremes. My main goal is to remind people that invisible illness are out there, and that people are battling (unbeknownst to them) every single day. If I can get them to remember a fact or two about EDS, all the better.

The biggest thing about awareness outside of the medical community is the ability to help other zebras who may not yet realize that they are part of the herd. “When you can’t connect the issues, think connective tissues.”(- Dr. Heidi Collins), isn’t a well-known quote outside of the zebra and connective tissue worlds. Putting the info out there may lead to the “Aha!” moment someone is desperately looking for.

Outside of that, if I’m going to be totally honest here (and I am), it’s for selfish reasons, too. I’m tired of snide comments made to and about my zebra because people assume a beautiful young girl couldn’t possibly have any serious health issues. I’m tired of snide comments about how many health issues she has. (Cause you know, it’s not like connective tissue is everywhere, so it causes problems everywhere. Oh wait….)

Haters gonna hate as they say. And frankly I would a rat’s butt if it wasn’t for the impact they have on my zebra, who has enough on her plate, thank you. So, yes,  I’m partly motivated by my inner Momma Bear , or Momma Zebra, I should say, to get at least some basic knowledge out there. I hope you’ll join me in that.



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